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"Keith Preene is so good he should have been twins."

The Keith Preene Calendar originated and was printed in September 5th 2016 with the first edition going on sale just days after.

Keith being the entrepreneur that he is got them printed in bulk, but safety netted the operation by back dating the calendar to the year 2020. Something he called the 20/20 vision. People rushed to buy them at the end of 2016.

Some complaints did follow due to the calendar being nothing but eye candy for another 3 years. But that didn’t phase Keith he knew the product he was dealing with was “An A grade Calendar” Keith didn’t let dates get in the way of basic commerce.

He knew he had to start somewhere….. and finish somewhere else. But finish he did not, from there, the legacy of The Keith Preene Calendar was born and every year since 2020 another piece lavatory wall adorning stationary has been produced.

Slowly but surely unveiling the man himself Keith Preene’s wide and varied stable of skills over a 12 month run of photographic wonderment.

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